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The new blue badge guidance for assessing Hidden Disabilities has  been published by the Department for Transport and we are busy finalising assessment tools, application forms, processes and assessor training programs, and recruiting additional mental health specialists to help. Remember the statutory requirement for this service is coming into force from August 30th.  We have prepared a number of services to help our customers and other Local Authorities adapt to the changes.

We are running training courses in Birmingham and London – please see the links under Training and CPD above. (Booking is via Eventbrite but we also accept Purchase Orders to book places if required.) Representatives from both the DfT and National Autism Society will be present to give talks at the training days to offer additional insight into the new criteria.

As an alternative we can attend your premises and provide bespoke training programs for your staff, both in business support and healthcare professional roles, so they are confident when they talk to and assess applicants under these new criteria. We can train up to 15 people for £1300 at your venue. Please call 01223 229091 or email me stephen.naylor@accessindependent.co.uk to discuss further or book a day.

We are also providing a remote assessment service for people applying under the new criteria to help Authorities cope with the expected surge of applications. We have trained Expert Assessors available now. Please call 01223 229091 or email stephen.naylor@accessindependent.co.uk

We have been working with Nottinghamshire undertaking social care reviews since September and a study of the service has shown how it has saved the Local Authority money and ensured the correct allocation of limited resources.

The study was of 144 cases in total which have been validated by their Community Review Team. Of these, there were 49 cases that yielded a saving, for the full year this will amount to £90,770.59. This has been achieved because, on review, some care packages have been reduced, while other care packages are no longer required.

On 11 cases there was an increase.

Not only does this service save money, but the reduction in care for one service user means care can be provided to another, allowing scare resources to be allocated appropriately.

This only represents around 25% of Community Care Reviews we have completed so far, so we hope that this saving will increase proportionally. This demonstrates how our service can help appropriately allocate limited Social Care resources, and also how the project has yielded overall savings for Nottinghamshire.
For more information on this service please contact either Stephen Naylor or James Derbyshire at Access Independent on 01223 229091 or email Stephen.naylor@accessindependent.co.uk or James.Derbyshire@accessindependent.co.uk.

Our contract to undertake social care reviews in Nottinghamshire is going well. This work can be undertaken by OTs or Social Workers and involve a visit a report and then transferring the case and the reports can be completed at home. If you are interested in working in this new area, which involves flexible work, please contact Lindsey Powell on 01223 229091 or Lindsey.Powell@accessindependent.co.uk

We are interested in developing a service with OTs undertaking social care reviews for Local Authorities. Under the Care Act all Local Authorities should undertake reviews every year and using OTs can mean OT input is provided at the same time. This could save the Local Authority money and time


If you are an OT with experience in this area please contact Lindsey Powell in our office 01223 229091


If you feel your Local Authority would benefit from this, please contact Stephen Naylor on 01223 229091