Changes in process due to Covid 19

March 2020

In response to the lockdown in March we changed the process for all our Blue Badge, Bus pass and taxi card assessments. These will now be conducted as telephone assessments.

Although telephone assessments are not as robust as face-to-face assessment by an Expert Assessor who can observe the applicant walking, they are safe as the applicant can remain at home and we call them. This means that even those who are advised to stay at home for their health can still complete the assessment process.

In order to keep things as simple as possible, we have booked the telephone assessments to take place on the same day and the same time as any booked face to face appointments to ensure the least possible disruption for applicants and Expert Assessors.

June 2020

Now that the danger from the Coronavirus pandemic is reduced, we have considered the possibility of changing to face to face assessments with social distancing, use of hand sanitisers and gaps between appointments to keep people safe. However, we still feel that it is still difficult to keep applicants, who are often from vulnerable groups, safe. We have also considered the possibility of remote Blue Badge assessments using skype or a similar solution to observe people walking but our Expert Assessors have felt this is potentially unfair on those without access to appropriate equipment.

So, with all our customers we are at present, still undertaking telephone assessments as this seems the fairest, and safest, way to continue to provide this statutory service