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Mental Health Services

Occupational therapy is a profession vital to helping mental health patients develop the skills needed to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Access Independent provides specialist Mental Health Occupational Therapists throughout the UK, who can work with people to improve their wellbeing and help enable them to achieve their full potential.

We employ a holistic, ‘whole-person’ approach, looking at each area of daily living, building an overall picture of a person’s activities, and devising a personalised care and support plan. This can include:

  • Helping people look after themselves better, for example by helping them to learn how to cook or carry out household chores.
  • Helping people manage their personal finances by learning budgeting skills.
  • Helping people to live independently by providing systems to assist in dealing with, for example, letters, bills, and neighbours.
  • Working with people to acknowledge and improve their work skills and employability, helping them apply for jobs and stay in employment.
  • Helping with return to work, working with the person and the employer, devising and helping implement return to work programmes. The Occupational Therapist can provide regular sessions and follow up meetings.
  • Helping people to access the community for instance to use mainstream leisure activities.
  • Providing advice on the level and types of assistance a person may need to live independently in the long-term.
  • Working with individuals to ensure that we prioritize those areas which matter most to them.
  • Devising an ongoing treatment plan for each area of daily living activities, including frequent reviews as required.


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