Service Brief:

In November 2014, Nottinghamshire County Council approached us to establish an OT waiting list service to assist with clearing their backlog of Occupational Therapy cases. At the time they had around 300 out of timescale cases, and were keen to restructure their service to address this issue in the long term. As a result, they did not want their OT staff to be firefighting while implementing the new system, and approached us for help.


The contract was set up soon after, and the first cases were allocated to us in January 2015. Since then, we have undertaken 597 OT assessments across Nottinghamshire. We provide weekly reports of Key Performance Indicators to Nottinghamshire, and these show that 92% of cases were assessed within the target timescales set.


Service Provided:

As well as completing the assessment, Access Independent order all equipment, arrange for minor and major adaptations to be completed, quality check cases with an appointed Senior OT and hold the cases until all work is completed. Our office staff provide all administrative support, and Service Users are given clear channels of communication to come to us directly with any queries and issues. This means Nottinghamshire can hand cases over to us every month, and not need to do any more until the cases are returned to them on closure with no outstanding OT needs.


We hold meetings with Nottinghamshire every six weeks to review the contract, discuss performance and potential improvements and address any changes in procedure or working practices. Nottinghamshire also undertake spot checks of our cases to make sure all our OTs are working to their quality standards.


Service Outcome:

Nottinghamshire reported highly positive impact of engaging our service:

AI have provided an end to end process, acting as a ‘shield’ for NCC OT service while they reorganise. The project has reduced waiting list countywide by 50% and those out of timescale by up to 90%. –Steve Jennings-Hough,OT Project Lead, Nottinghamshire County Council


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