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Return to work solutions

Absence through sickness, for a range of reasons, is a fact of working life. It can come about due to illness, injury or a long-term medical condition. Problems affecting the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees can seriously affect their performance at work. These conditions can include:

  • depression
  • anxiety or phobias
  • behaviour problems like Asperger’s Syndrome
  • cognitive impairment
  • sensory impairment like deafness or blindness
  • musculoskeletal conditions causing pain in back, neck or wrists.

Why use an OT or physiotherapist?

In some cases, occupational health is enough to cover an employee’s needs. However, where problems are more long-term or recurring, intervention from an occupational therapist or physiotherapist could be the better option.

OTs have comprehensive medical training, with in-depth knowledge of physical and psychological conditions. This lets them analyse the practical consequences of illness and disability.

What can Access Independent do for you?

Our fully accredited OTs are equipped to play a central role in resolving residual issues following a period of illness. They can advise employers regarding the needs of their employees, or advise employees on managing their conditions to retain their jobs and return smoothly to the workplace.

We can provide a full assessment to identify problem areas and recommend suitable solutions that satisfy both parties. These solutions can include:

  • agreeing and overseeing modifications to work space
  • sourcing and purchasing assistive devices
  • offering advice on the practicalities of returning to work
  • advise on modifications to job roles or hours worked.

This will help reduce risks and support attempts to retain staff and encourage their return to the workplace.

For more information, visit the Health and Safety Executive’s guide for employers, or to discuss how Access Independent can help you maintain a safe, inclusive workplace, contact us today.