We have been working with Nottinghamshire undertaking social care reviews since September and a study of the service has shown how it has saved the Local Authority money and ensured the correct allocation of limited resources.

The study was of 144 cases in total which have been validated by their Community Review Team. Of these, there were 49 cases that yielded a saving, for the full year this will amount to £90,770.59. This has been achieved because, on review, some care packages have been reduced, while other care packages are no longer required.

On 11 cases there was an increase.

Not only does this service save money, but the reduction in care for one service user means care can be provided to another, allowing scare resources to be allocated appropriately.

This only represents around 25% of Community Care Reviews we have completed so far, so we hope that this saving will increase proportionally. This demonstrates how our service can help appropriately allocate limited Social Care resources, and also how the project has yielded overall savings for Nottinghamshire.
For more information on this service please contact either Stephen Naylor or James Derbyshire at Access Independent on 01223 229091 or email Stephen.naylor@accessindependent.co.uk or James.Derbyshire@accessindependent.co.uk.